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Pending Grant


2013-2016   Meiqing Wang (Principal Investigator), Identification of CD163-positive phagocytosis-like cells in mandibular condylar cartilage and its role in rats TMJ OA induced by disordered occlusion, 0.9 million yuan

2014-2017   Shibin Yu (Principal Investigator), The study on the effect of estrogen-hypoxia crosstalk on neovascularization in osteoarthritis process in mandibular condyle, 0.7 million yuan

2014-2016   Kai Jiao (Principal Investigator), The phathomechanism of NE-Adrb2 signal on the subchondral bone resorption of mandibular condyle induced by malocclusion, 0.23 million yuan

Grant Finished

2005-2007 Meiqing Wang (Principal Investigator), The study on the effect of gradually induced disordered occlusion on the TMJ condyle cartilage remodeling and on the possible effect of cytokins in the procedure, 0.25 million yuan

2006-2008 Meiqing Wang (Principal Investigator), Physiological evaluation of orofacial pain of temporomandibular disorders in relation to occlusal factors in animals and humans, 0.22 million yuan

2008-2010 Meiqing Wang (Principal Investigator), Ossification features of TMJ condyle cartilage in response to occlusion changes in adult SD rats, 0.35 million yuan

2009-2011 Meiqing Wang (Principal Investigator), Effect of gradually induced disordered occlusal on the periodontal mechanoreceptors and their related proteins

2009-2011 Xiaodong Liu (Principal Investigator) The role of MAPKs signal transduction pathway of glial cells in regulation of orofacial pain, 0.9 million yuan

2010-2011 Meiqing Wang (Principal Investigator), The role of Stem Cell in mandibular condyle remodeling acitivy induced by gradually created disordered occlusion

2010-2012 Shibin Yu (Principal Investigator) The effect of estrogen synthesized by mandibular condylar chondrocytes on their biological features, 0.2 million yuan

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